World’s best teacher

Here is a very inspiring recent article in the SCMP. Peter Tabichi, a maths and physics teacher from a secondary school in a remote village in Kenya’s Rift Valley, has won the Global Teacher Prize for 2019. This dedicated professional gives away 80% of his monthly income to the poor. Peter was praised by the organisers of the prize for his “dedication, hard work and passionate belief in his students’ talent.” He has led his poorly-resourced school in a remote rural Kenya to win the country’s best school in national science competitions.

This is an amazing accomplishment considering around 95 per cent of the school’s pupils “hail from poor families, almost a third are orphans or have only one parent, and many go without food at home.“ The school has a teacher-student ratio of 58 to 1 and only one computer in the whole school. Mr Tabichi is an inspiration to hard working teachers everywhere. Congratulations Peter!

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