Will government-backed campaign to change Hong Kong parents? obsession with school grades succeed in city where competition is rife?

A government-appointed group is recommending that Hong Kong parents cultivate a balanced and more fulfilling life for their children amid the city’s culture of excessive competition.

This is part of a very real conflict faced by many parents in Hong Kong (and elsewhere) about how to balance the desire for their children to do well and get a start on a good career with a fun and enjoyable childhood. The review believes that in order to have effective change in HK that the culture needs to be changed. It recommends educating parents that evidence shows “scientific proof to parents that excessive drilling and joining playgroups at a young age did not necessarily contribute greatly to a child’s development.”

The review goes on to say that “children’s mental health would be affected by high pressure from parents over school grades.”

There seems to be no simple answer to this problem. It does appear balance is needed but the question of how to achieve that is difficult to answer.

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