What Ivy League students are reading that you aren’t

Although this list contains a lot of books which many college-educated adults have not read, the list is certainly one which promises a well-rounded introduction to a range of works, ideas and philosophies which most college educated people are familiar with.

It is an impressive list and if a student preparing for undergraduate entry into a competitive school was to read (and understand) the books here, he or she would certainly be well versed in a range of ideas as well as being exposed to a wide range of sophisticated language. But perhaps that is the crucial element – there is no point pushing these books at a teenager who is not going to understand them. Also, in order to be able to receive the full benefits of reading challenging books like this, the chance to discuss the books and the ideas they contain is the best way to take advantage of having read this material.

If you want your child to improve their reading, don’t impose unrealistic expectations on them. Many adults would struggle to read these books and would not derive much enjoyment from just reading them in isolation. Reading books like these, with ideas and thoughts ripe for discussion or debate, will be better received if the environment for that sort of discussion or debate can be created.

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