Weekly Digest 28 Sept 2018

Plenty of people go on about ‘correct’ spelling but the arguments around change in modern English tend to favour making things simpler. The subject has been well coverd by many a book both written for academic linguistic study and for the interested reader. You do not have to go that far back in history to find English written in a variety of ways even within England itself and certainly the English of just a few hundered years ago is a foreign language to the modern speaker. Here is a good little article aimed at explaining to children why English spelling can be so tricky and illogical.

Here is a thought provoking co-authored piece from The Independent calling on a radical rethink of higher education away from the “3 years after school” model which seems no longer the most appropriate way of doing things for universities, students and employers alike.

Staying with The Independent, calls are growing to outlaw essay mills in the UK. Moves are already more advanced to do so in a variety of countries.

The ESF in Hong Kong is dropping interviews to Primary 1 for its own Kindergarten children. 

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