Weekly Digest 05 Oct 2018

It’s just hitting international media that researchers at RMIT have developed a new font which tests show improves memory by a significant amount. Called Sans Forgetica, it has two distinct features. First, the letters lean slightly to the left which is unusual and grabs the reader’s attention. More startingly though, there are gaps left in the letters. This forces the brain to work harder to establish what they are, increasing time and effort spent and thus placing the words more clearly into memory. It reminds me of the old trick where the iaerntnl ltetres of wrdos can be sbdlemcrad but can still be read as long as the first and last letters remain in place. The article includes a simple test to see how it works for you.

The Guardian revisits the controversy over linking graduate salaries to university worth – always an interesting read.

The Washington Post highlights how very difficult school is in some parts of the world, reminding us that while we fight to improve educational conditions for our own children, we should spare a thought for others less fortunate and perhaps consider heloing them as well.

Finally, a VERY different way of gaining an education.


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