Unruly students learned ‘improper behaviour’ from Occupy movement, says Hong Kong education chief

An article published yesterday in the SCMP has the Hong Kong Education Chief  laying the blame of bad behaviour that has resulted in injuries on Hong Kong University campuses in part to behaviors observed during the “Occupy Central” example observed.

There have been 16 injuries that have resulted from campus protests in the last 5 years.

Others disagreed with him and argued  “University students were only taking part because of their conscience and passion for society.”

Baptist University’s student union acting executive committee vice-president Mak Kwan-wai said Yeung’s comments that students had learned “improper behaviour” from the Occupy movement and clashes in Legco were “groundless”.

Kevin Yeung Yun-hung suggests that more needs to be done in the education system to instil positive messages and values in students via after-school activities and other such measures.

The question needs to be considered as to what degree schools and universities are to take responsibility for teaching students values?


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