University cheaters would face two years’ jail or big fines under Coalition plan in Australia

From The ChalkFace has published a series of articles on efforts to crack down on cheating at universities such as the use of online “essay mills.” It appears that the Australian Government is to go one step further and introduce significant fines and jail sentences for not only those caught cheating but also those who help them cheat.

Australian universities identified “contract cheating”, where students outsource university work and assessments, usually through overseas-based websites, as an emerging issue over the last few years, with a recent survey finding almost 70% of academics suspected their students were cheating or availing themselves of online cheating services.

In the words of the minister “We have to make sure that all hardworking students, who do the work, who do the hard yards, don’t face competition from students who use cheating services.”

So it now remains to be seen if this legislation is enacted if it will actually work.

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