University applications could be after A-levels

It is interesting to consider whether it is better to have the university application process after the A-levels so that students have their actual grades when they apply, instead of only predicted grades. This is being considered due to an increase in the use of unconditional offers, usually by second string universities which are keen to fill up their places.

I think that applying once the grades are known will be an advantage for students who have done well, or who have achieved more than they expected. I think it will be less of an advantage for students who are keen to go but who have failed to succeed.

From a Hong Kong perspective, it might mean that fewer students go abroad. The A-level release dates mean that students are already later in their acceptance if they have A-levels than those who have studied the local HK syllabus. Delaying the application process until after results suggests that the process will be in August and September, which might make international students feel at a bit of a disadvantage.

I guess there will always be ways of looking at an existing process to see if it can be fairer, only to find that while some benefit from a new system, others are disadvantaged by it.

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