Unconditional offers used to ‘get people through door’ – is this good for HK students?

Smiling students walking after lessons Free Photo

The practice of issuing unconditional offers for prospective students to UK universities is on the rise, specifically if a student names a university as their “first choice.” However, the Education Secretary of England, Damian Hinds, is unimpressed. “The systematic use of unconditional offers is not in the interest of students and they should not be used just to get people through the door,” he said in a recent piece in the BBC.

The main worry of this new trend is that students might end up on a course that is unsuitable for them, but they are “induced” to sign up for. Top universities are much less likely to offer unconditional offers as they are interested in attracting students who have proven themselves of a high academic standard.

What do you think? Are students better served by accepting an unconditional offer at a lower tier university?

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