UK university rankings 2020

The Guardian has released its rankings for university courses starting in 2020 to help students applying to UK universities in the back end of 2019. Their headline news is that St Andrew’s has beaten Oxford for 2nd place, breaking the Oxbridge grip on the top two that has been in place for many years. But of course, the overall ranking of a university is not the most important thing you should consider. After all you do not go to Oxford to study Oxford. Many universities top the rankings when you search by individual subjects and even then you may not be interested in the overall score for the course but the score for the characteristic most important to you. Are you looking for satisfaction with the course? With the lecturers? Are you looking for employability?

Here’s the top 5 for Dentistry: Aberdeen, Plymouth, Dundee, Queen’s, Cardiff. Top five for Accounting and finance? Leeds, Loughborough, Warwick, Nottinham Trent, Bath. So spend a few hours nosing around what is available and what you might want to do. A good supplementary article on choosing courses is also in The Guardian. You can do a lot of research on your own before you come and get help.

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