Xenia K.

Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (Bachelors) - The Queen's College, Oxford University

649 completed lessons

About me

I’m available for tutorials on Oxbridge Applications, particularly admissions tests, essay writing, reading skills, critical thinking, and interview preparation. Having recently been through the admissions system, I am familiar with how it behaves, and I will be able to relate to the student more than almost any tutor. I took my application to Oxford very seriously, and preparation for it was the main focus of my time Year 12. Equally, I am passionate about the discursive skills of argumentation and critical thinking that are required for success, and hope that I can help students who are passionate about their fields of study overcome the stress and difficulty of applying to Oxbridge. I am also available for general essay writing advice for A Levels, particularly in Philosophy, Politics, History, and Economics. I am a scholar at university, as a result of achieving a Distinction in my First-year exams, and I just got another first in my most recent exams, so I am able to offer high-quality advice to give you creative ideas for your essays!

About my sessions

If, as will usually be the case, I have set work to be completed between tutorials, we will begin the lesson with verbal feedback on this work, and working through any mistakes that have been made. If there were any mistakes that were made often in the work, we will dedicate a part of the teaching time to going over that method. After this, I will begin teaching a new topic or skill by working through it myself, and explaining, while the student listens. After this, I will ask the student to repeat the explanation back to me, and then work through some problems with me. For Oxbridge applicants, I will ooccasionally set an essay, with some reading, for the student to complete between tutorials. I will then ask the student to explain their essay answer, and we will continue to discuss the topic at hand for the rest of the tutorial. If we are focusing more on the Admissions Test, I like to spend each section focusing on one or two styles of question, and working out a technique that works best for the student.

Personally interviewed

We only take tutor applications from candidates who are studying at the UK’s leading universities. Candidates who fulfil our grade criteria then pass to the interview stage, where a member of the TiC team will personally assess them for subject knowledge, communication skills and general tutoring approach. About 1 in 10 becomes a tutor on our site.


Maths A-level (A2)A*
Further MathematicsA-level (A2)A
ChemistryA-level (A2)A
TSA Uni admission test PASS
PhysicsA-level (A2)A*

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