Oliver S.

Medicine (Other) - Cambridge University

649 completed lessons

About me

I achieved a first in my pre-clinical studies at Cambridge University and am currently in my 5th and penultimate year of my medical degree.


I specialised in physiology, development and neuroscience in my third year. I think it is important when teaching that you not only teach a pupil to pass their exams but to learn to analyse and criticise information given to them. This will prepare students for future study as well as giving them the best chance to answer questions on unfamiliar material.


I have absolutely loved my time at university so far, getting the opportunity to learn from such a wide variety of incredible people, and I hope that my tuition can not only give pupils the best chance of passing their exams to enable them to fulfil their dreams but to also enjoy the process of learning.

About my sessions

When preparing and delivering a lesson it is important to tailor the lesson style to the pupil. With many different learning styles I will structure lessons to include a number of these. I will teach using visual aids such as diagrams, written explanations and with the aid of past exam questions that we can work through together.


I will measure the child’s progress with short questions at the end of a session to ensure that they have understood and taken in the content of the lesson. It is important that a student is enjoying a lesson to remain engaged with the subject matter and have the best chance of understanding and retaining the information. Therefore, it is important that a lesson is as interactive as possible with small goals that can be easily reached on a regular basis. 

Personally interviewed

We only take tutor applications from candidates who are studying at the UK’s leading universities. Candidates who fulfil our grade criteria then pass to the interview stage, where a member of the TiC team will personally assess them for subject knowledge, communication skills and general tutoring approach. About 1 in 10 becomes a tutor on our site.


Maths A-level (A2)A*
Further MathematicsA-level (A2)A
ChemistryA-level (A2)A
TSA Uni admission test PASS
PhysicsA-level (A2)A*

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