Matilda H.

Biomedical Sciences (Bachelors) - University College London University

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About me

I have loved science since I was studying in school, which is why I have turned my passion into a career! I have a BSc in Biomedical Sciences and a Masters in Molecular Biophysics, and I enjoy both being in the lab, as well as teaching.


I love how different elements of biology, chemistry and physics can work together to advance medicine and make a difference to people’s lives, so I consider myself to be very lucky to work in this field. I have enjoyed teaching high school and university students to help them build their confidence in science and am passionate to continue to share my knowledge and enthusiasm with students of all abilities.


Outside of science, I am a musician and singer-songwriter and can often be found recording something new in the studio or performing on stage. Although my music is different from my work, it requires the same commitment and preparation that is needed to get ready for an exam. It is also a great way for me to unwind and focus my mind away from my work. I am also a keen traveller, which is partly where my love for languages developed, as it allows you learn more about different places and immerse yourself in new cultures.


I particularly love seeing the world’s beauty from great heights, as I have enjoyed many hiking trips in the Swiss Alps and the Himalayas. 

About my sessions

I have a lot of experience of teaching and assessing students and have the insights to guide your learning, as well as hints and tips for your exams.


I am passionate about my subjects and want you to enjoy them too, so I always make my sessions fun and engaging! Building confidence is hugely important to me, as I feel that without it, exams become nearly impossible. I have a very interactive style of teaching, and my sessions are a space in which you can feel free to make guesses, as we will work through problems together. My main aim is for you to feel that by that end of the session, you have understood the topic that we have discussed and feel confident in approaching questions. Over the years I have developed creative and fun ways to understand key concepts, and to remember definitions, figures, and methodologies.


I design my sessions with the exams in mind, to ensure that your preparation and hard work are reflected in your grades. I also know how difficult and frustrating it can be to even get started with revision, so while I help you understand each topic, I will give you great revision tips and help you make notes as we go along. I also organise my sessions so that we run through each subject topic in a logical way, which will help you organise your work so that you do not feel overwhelmed when it comes to revision time.

Personally interviewed

We only take tutor applications from candidates who are studying at the UK’s leading universities. Candidates who fulfil our grade criteria then pass to the interview stage, where a member of the TiC team will personally assess them for subject knowledge, communication skills and general tutoring approach. About 1 in 10 becomes a tutor on our site.


Maths A-level (A2)A*
Further MathematicsA-level (A2)A
ChemistryA-level (A2)A
TSA Uni admission test PASS
PhysicsA-level (A2)A*

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