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About me

Hello! My name is Martha and I have just finished my 1st year of studying Natural Sciences at UCL, and I hope to specialise in maths and physical chemistry over the next few years.


Choosing what to go on to study after completing A-levels (or even if I wanted to go into further education at all) was a huge decision, mainly because I split my time pretty evenly between all the work that school required and playing in orchestras. Since starting university, I have continued playing violin, and through nurturing all the skills required to keep up both the academics and the music, I’ve picked up a few crucial transferable skills that will be able to help you at whatever stage of education you are in. Over the last few years I have been a tutor in various ways, from helping GCSE students at my secondary school to leading groups of musicians in orchestras to having a private students working towards their 11+ and 13+ exams.


All of these experiences taught me how to approach the needs of the student, their parents and the exam board – and I hope to able to support and teach you in the same way.

About my sessions

The structure of lessons must prioritise time for what the student needs most, particularly when it comes to exam technique and getting the marks on the day.


My experience with exams has not been the best, but luckily for me, my parents were there to help, both to support me when I was finding the work tough and to help with some of the material that I hadn’t understood in lessons. Through my own trial and error, I have learnt that past paper questions and flashcards work really well for me, while writing out notes and making mind maps is almost useless, and a lot of time with any new student must be spent on working out which methods will work for you.


Exams are daunting, but when there is a shared passion between students and teachers for your chosen subject (or even just a motivation to improve!), the learning process is both easier and more enjoyable. One of the best and most rewarding perks of my university experience so far has been the small group teaching and discussion available, with peers and professors alike. This intimate learning experience is one that I would like to offer younger students, and the nature of 1:1 tuition will enable to me to mould lessons around what you, as my student, will benefit most from.

Personally interviewed

We only take tutor applications from candidates who are studying at the UK’s leading universities. Candidates who fulfil our grade criteria then pass to the interview stage, where a member of the TiC team will personally assess them for subject knowledge, communication skills and general tutoring approach. About 1 in 10 becomes a tutor on our site.


Maths A-level (A2)A*
Further MathematicsA-level (A2)A
ChemistryA-level (A2)A
TSA Uni admission test PASS
PhysicsA-level (A2)A*

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