Top students on getting an IB diploma perfect score – is it overrated?

In the SCMP, four Hong Kong IB diploma graduates discuss whether achieving the perfect 45 score benefited them, or if the achievement is overrated.

Brian Wong said “it is unclear if striving for a 45 reaps a reward proportional to the excessive stress heaped on students…Education is there to facilitate and nurture, not to stifle by rendering children mere tokens and cogs in a machine that churns out number-chasers. Ultimately, students should pursue happiness over numbers, which may well involve the pursuit of excellence.”

Cherrie Liu points out “Achieving a 45 is a memory I’ll forever take pride in, but now it’s in the past…As I strive to become a doctor, skills like empathy, communication and effective decision-making will serve me better through the test of time.”

This article is a great read.

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