Think tank calls on government to bring in new anti-bullying law

A think tank founded by the vice-chairman of the city’s youth development commission has proposed the implementation of an anti-bullying law in Hong Kong, to raise awareness of the problem in the city and to better track such cases in schools.

The group believes that it is time for new law to put Hong Kong’s bullies in their place and force schools to act rather than stay silent. The think tank claims that the lack of legislation means bullying is under-reported by schools. 

In a recently released report, the group noted the lack of specific legislation on bullying or cyber bullying in Hong Kong had led to poor awareness and under-reporting in schools.

Ng said such a group could copy the United States and Norway and gather information through a questionnaire for students on the bullying they had witnessed or experienced, which would offer a different perspective from what schools say.

What do you think? Does Hong Kong need such legislation on bullying?

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