The Power of Yet

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How many times have we encountered problems or situations where our automatic response is “it’s impossible” or “it can’t be done?” Too many times, this fixed view has resulted in missed opportunities to learn, to earn or to make a difference.

These days, the new buzzword on the street is “yet,” which comes from research by psychologist Carol Dweck on the Growth Mindset, and the brain science behind it.

Changing our perception of a problem affects our attitude towards addressing it. If we look at mistakes and failure as the end of the learning process, we won’t achieve much. “I don’t know…. yet. I don’t understand…. yet. I can’t do it…. yet.” This small change in our working vocabulary affects how we work both in the classroom and beyond it, setting us up for lifelong success while opening up more opportunities for us in the process.

Carol Dweck is responsible for pioneering work in educational development, and a very interesting article about her work on fixed vs growth intelligence can be found here.

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