Teenagers in jobless homes twice as likely to feel ‘sad or very sad’ about their lives

This recent article in The Guardian caught my attention as the situation outlined is, in some ways, reminiscent of my own childhood experience. My father was a single parent (my mother died when I was in primary school) and I am from a family of seven children (I was the youngest). When I was at school we were always economically disadvantaged. I was unable to participate in activities such as school trips as there was no money to pay for such ‘luxuries’, so reading this report came as no surprise.

I fully agree with the conclusions of “Mission Australia” that students falling into these categories need additional support. If it had not been for Government help of rural students I would have never been able to attend university (this support is no longer available in Australia). Countries should try to provide equality for opportunity for all their citizens, and more should be done to support youth from financially disadvantaged families.

This has to be weighed against the opportunity cost of where the funding is going to come from. I hope that governments listen to reports such as the one referred to in the article and do more to help to disadvantaged young people.

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