Teachers in England have ‘unmanageable’ job – global survey

This headline doesn’t come as that much of a surprise to those of us who work in the education sector in Hong Kong. HK has many former UK teachers who have shared their stories about teaching in the UK.

More than half of all secondary schoolteachers in England say their job is “unmanageable”, according to an international survey revealing that teachers in England have one of the highest workloads in the world.” The article goes on to say that only Japan has longer teacher work days than the UK. It is suggested that low levels of job satisfaction among UK teachers is causing serious issues for education in the UK and that urgent action is needed.

The problem, of course, is like so many other calls for action from the UK government — but Brexit is demanding all the UK government’s attention and other problems, such as those that exist within the education system, are not being properly addressed.

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