Summertime Stress

Although many schools have officially begun their summer holidays this week, summertime and a stress-free vacation does not start until exam results are back. For students who have already received their grades, this summer could be a much-needed respite from school stress; for their peers who have not achieved their desired result, the uncertainty of what comes after these summer months is overwhelming.

According to the Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups, 153 calls for help on their hotline and online counselling has been sought since mid-June. Stress levels are at an average of 7 out of 10. This does not bode well for the current mental health status of much of Hong Kong’s student population. 

What parents can do during this particularly stressful time is be there to support their children, without adding to their stress. Students must also manage their expectations and go out and have fun. Exam results cannot be treated as the be-all, end-all of their lives. For adolescents with more serious health concerns, it is important to proactively seek help as soon as possible.

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