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Outdoor Education at Stamford
Connecting with Nature, Developing Life Skills

The outdoor education program at Stamford American School is an excellent opportunity to develop these characteristics to allow young learners to expand their horizons in the beauty of Hong Kong’s outdoors. Stamford’s Lower School Principal, Ms. Rose Chambers was eager to find opportunities to get children out into nature and benefit from the exposure to new environments from an early age. The Backyard Gang provided the perfect solution as they offer tailored programs that allow children of different ages to explore and carry out a variety of challenges. Mr. Chris Funnell, Director of Backyard Roots, said, “The sessions are planned to ensure children can connect with nature, ask new questions as well as celebrate finding answers together while exploring new places.”

The program launched this academic year in the lower school section of Stamford. Teachers and students have been incredibly impressed with how positive the experiences have been, which fits in well with the school’s vision of being an inspiring world of education. Ms. Chambers said, “There is a whole world waiting for our children that goes beyond our classroom walls. Giving them experiences like our outdoor education program are incredibly important as it helps prepare them not only for their camp experiences when they reach upper elementary, but also affords them life skills that can’t be planned for in a classroom setting. Young learners are naturally curious, so as they grow and develop, it is important for us as educators to build upon that, ensuring we are helping to develop life-long learners.”

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