Special Educational Needs (SEN) Support

Families who have children with educational learning needs face many challenges in Hong Kong. There are many schools and institutions that have an SEN provision but minimum specialist support is offered by many, and only a certain amount of students can be accommodated per grade. Identifying and accessing the right therapist, specialist and school can be quite daunting and an emotional roller-coaster for many parents. In Hong Kong, some schools offer an adapted curriculum while others offer SEN-specific support. Many parents of children with special needs strongly feel that their child should attend a mainstream school, for a variety of reasons. They have every right to make this choice, but it’s important to choose a school which can fully accommodate a child’s needs so the best possible support is offered. If one is considering mainstream schools, close attention should be paid to the expertise each school offers in order to support each individual child’s condition. A meeting with the principal and the Head of SEN is highly recommended to evaluate the suitability of various schools.

Read more about the type of support offered at specific schools in Hong Kong, and to get some tips from other parents about choosing the right school.

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