Sixth Form: A-level or IB Diploma?

Tanglin Trust in Singapore offers both

Established in 2001, in its first year Tanglin’s Sixth Form Centre welcomed just 20 Year 12 and 13 A-level students. Eight years later the International Baccalaureate Diploma was introduced, alongside A-levels. Now, this unique hub offers a dual pathway for nearly 350 students, ensuring that they can choose the right course for them. The Sixth Form at Tanglin is designed to allow every student the opportunity to achieve their academic and social potential. In addition, the environment, with its leadership and co-curricular opportunities, maintains high expectations and a sense of community, and the breadth of choice is great. But to thrive, students need to make vital connections – and to realise their potential takes the confidence that comes from personalised support, creating a special environment where all students are known well, and everyone’s well-being is supported.

Read an interview with two Tanglin students about their Sixth Form experience, and which pathway they chose to study and why on our Singapore Inside Schools Page.

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