Secondary school well-being

We have seen quite a range of articles in recent times, many reported here, regarding the worrying trend, in both Hong Kong and across the world, of declining mental health among school students often leading to tragic endings. A new study has helped corroborate these findings by taking the interesting angle of studying a decline in well-being as opposed to the usual study of an increase in mental problems. Reported in The Conversation, a team from the University of East London carried out a study of 3000 secondary school students in Northern Ireland and found a decline in well-being which set in from the beginning of secondary school and continued steadily all the way through. It is clearly something that effects students across the world as well and appears independent of cultural factors. Most importantly, the researchers feel they may have found one way to try and target this trend. There appears to be link between well-being and the opportunity for a person to use their greatest strengths e.g. if a person is able to persevere, how often do they get to actually persevere? An interesting take-away for those of us who have child welfare at the heart of what we do.

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