Screen time: Children advised not to use electronic devices at dinner

Family looking at mobile phone screen during breakfast

From The ChalkFace has featured a series of articles related to children and the use of mobile devices, commonly referred to as Screen Time. A recent article has UK’s four chief medical officers recommending that children not be allowed to use mobile devices at meal times.

The main recommendations made in the report include:

  • not using phones and mobile devices at the dinner table – talking as a family is very important for development
  • keeping screens out of the bedroom at bedtime
  • talking as a family about keeping safe online and about cyber-bulling and what children should do if they are worried
  • not using phones when crossing a road or doing any other activity that requires a person’s full attention
  • making sure children take a break from screens every two hours by getting up and being active
  • policing their own use too – parents should give their children proper attention and quality family time and never assume they are happy for pictures to be shared

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