Schools should have consistent policy on phones

Friends sitting with a mobile phone Free Photo

The Children’s Commissioner for England has weighed in on the argument about children having phones in school. It’s an interesting one because it is one of those areas where personal choice of child/family intersects with the wishes of the school which has a different agenda. Most phone choices are now smartphones. Children want them for social media and games mostly and the type/model is a big fashion statement, perhaps bigger than clothing brands. Families want children to be contactable – this can be both a positive and a negative thing. Schools want children focused on school activities. The Commissioner suggests a uniform policy but that does not seem to me to be any kind of modern solution. There are too many variables. It would seem far more sensible for schools to work out their own policies and of course to make sure these are prominent so the students considering joining a school know whether the phone policy meets or clashes with their own needs.

You can read the BBC article in full. What do you think? Where is the balance between modern life which includes phones and the needs of school?

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