School strike for climate: protests staged around the world

School students around the world have gone on strike to demand action on climate change.

The growing movement of student strikes to highlight the need for action on climate change was inspired by student Greta Thunberg, who has become a global figurehead since protesting outside Sweden’s parliament in 2018.

The last coordinated international protest took place on 15 March, with an estimated 1.6 million students from 125 countries walking out of school. The strikes were aimed at highlighting the problems outlined in a UN report from earlier this month, warning that one million animal and plant species were now threatened with extinction.

The issue though is really what actually can be done about the problem. No one is willing to give up their access to the things which are causing the problem. It is admirable that the young are demanding action, but what action will make a difference?

Are people willing to not buy new phones, wear clothes until worn out and ignore fashion, walk rather than take a car or bus, not run air conditioning or heating, eat less meat etc…Protesting is the easy, fun bit. Actions are required by individuals and governments, and this is what is hard. Unfortunately, protests will not save our planet.

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