Racism at university: Inquiry launched by UK’s equality body

Multiracial group of young people taking selfie Free Photo

According to the UK Equality and Human Rights Commission, there’s a “growing body of evidence” that racism is affecting students and staff at universities, and has ordered an investigation which launches in December and runs through February.

“Racial harassment of any kind is abhorrent, divisive and entirely unacceptable,” says David Isaac, the chair of the commission, in response to several high-profile cases of racism in universities this year, in a recent BBC article

The EHRC will be looking for students and staff to share their experiences of racism to help compile their report. Publicly-funded universities will be required to provide details about how they respond to individual instances of racial harassment. Hong Kong students who have experienced racism at UK universities should share their experience with the enquiry.

Have you or anyone you know experienced racism in UK academic institutions? 

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