Primary six students receive offers for secondary school places in Hong Kong

This is the time of year when exam results are released, and students receive notification about school placements. On July 9th, 52,917 Primary Six students were notified about their placements. Students and parents waited nervously outside their primary schools, as central allocation results were released.

Many students jumped for joy after getting their school choice, while others cried bitter tears when they learned they would not be attending the same schools as their best friends. In total, 74 per cent students were offered a place at their top choice, while 87 per cent were accepted by one of their top three preferred schools. Similar to kindergarten offers, unhappy families can go to their preferred school to apply for any available places, known as the “knock door” process.

A representative from the Education Bureau offered this advice on the day — “We hope parents and students accept the allocation results with positive attitude.” Not much consolation for unhappy students and parents.

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