Poorest children three times more likely to miss out on extra-curricular activities, study finds

As any parent in Hong Kong (or elsewhere) well knows, many extra-curricular activities are expensive. While it is unfortunate that so many youngsters never get chance to join a football team, learn to dance or play music, it is difficult to come up with an answer to this problem.

Young people from better-off families are much more likely to engage in a range of activities out of school – including music and sport, the Social Mobility Commission report reveals.

Cost barriers, access difficulties and a fear they will not fit in are all reasons behind the disparities.

The Commission is calling on the government to introduce an extracurricular bursary scheme for disadvantaged families and to provide funding to extend voluntary sector initiatives.

There is also a need for the Hong Kong government to look at what it can do to help those less fortunate have a rewarding and diverse childhood.

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