Become A Dolphin

Want to Continue Playing Rugby? Interested in teaching at a real school? Want your weekends free to travel and play?

We have socials 2 to 3 times a week

We guarantee you will save money each month

We will help you enrol onto the IPGCE course at Derby

How much will I get paid (without a Master’s)?
Salaries are paid by the school and are usually between CNY15,000/month or GBP1700/month for unqualified new graduates to CNY30,000/month or GBP3400/month for qualified teachers. You can double this if you take on private tutoring hours with TiC. (Currency Converter)

Is this teaching in a language centre?
No, and we wouldn’t want top UK graduates to be doing this either. The schools will provide you with full teacher training where you can (at the end of 2 years) have an IPGCE, IQTS and a British Columbia teaching certificate. The BC certificate allows you to emigrate to Canada in the future if you wish.

What are Shanghai and other cities like to live in?
China is the centre of the universe. If you want it, it’s here. We guarantee no lifestyle sacrifices – you’ll have a ball. Plus, on weekends, you can play with the Dolphins on and off the pitch.

What are the positions available?
Bilingual schools are fantastic. All classes are taught in English. Most of the jobs are English teaching jobs, but you will choose what you teach. You can also select to teach any age group you’d like. Teaching hours are usually 15-20 per week and no evening or weekend work 😉

Shanghai: Home of the Dolphins

Shanghai, the Oriental Paris, is China’s biggest and most prosperous city. It is one of China’s most significant economic and cultural centres. Therefore it is popularly seen as the birthplace of everything considered modern in China. 

The city rivals New York or Paris in terms of modernity and boasts a blended East and the West culture. Shanghai is a tourist destination famous for historical landmarks as well as modern, ever-expanding skylines.

With a favourable location and distinct oriental culture, Shanghai has attracted many foreigners, including Bernard Shaw, Albert Einstein and Tagore, to live here, or just experience the oriental charm. In the eyes of a foreigner, Shanghai has a unique oriental charm, while in the eyes of a Chinese, Shanghai certainly has a strong Western flavour.

You will never get bored with the Dolphins in this dynamic city.

Are there VISA requirements?
Yes. For this opportunity, China requires that you:
Have a passport from either USA, Canada, AUS, NZ, UK, Ireland, or SA. AND
Have a University Bachelors Degree or above
Have a clean criminal record
Any major will do so long as it’s a teachable subject, English, social studies, humanities, drama, PE, fine arts, chemistry, sciences, physics, math, calculus and computer sciences.

Is China Safe?

In a word, YES! You will not live in a safer country. If you follow the rules, take easy to follow advice, we promise a stress-free time in China. As a teacher, you are highly respected and will be regularly given gifts by students and parents for your hard work.

What about the accommodation?
You will have accommodation on-site generally as part of your salary package. Some offer an allowance to live offsite. Although schools do not commonly offer this to those with less teaching experience, some schools will provide a subsidy.

What are the language barriers?
Living in China is easier if you speak the language, but most of us can’t. It’s entirely possible to exist here without language skills (but we strongly recommend you don’t). If you want to learn Chinese, then there’s no better place to learn!

What about the Level?
The men’s competition is competitive but open to all skill levels. No matter your background, you will find a challenge on the pitch. For players wanting to play a higher level, every season, we play in tournaments across Asia: Bangkok, Hong Kong and Cebu.

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How many players do we need?
Our club is expanding, which gives us the capacity to take several players on. Players will be placed in a team appropriate for their skill/experience level as long as players are eligible and a good fit for the club. We will have a place for you on one of our teams.

Once a week. Generally on a Saturday. Additional midweek Tuesday touch rugby for those interested.

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Are all the jobs in Shanghai?
We have positions in our one partner school in Shanghai. However, the majority are in smaller cities located across China. The school group have been working in China since the mid-’90s. You can quickly come to Shanghai for the weekend and party/play with the Pod!



By joining us, players will be able to use the club as a springboard to a new career or even get talent-spotted. As we travel as a Pod to several regional tournaments a year, you can be playing against a former All Black one week and a future Wallaby the next.  

Whether you are a social player simply looking to play socially or an elite athlete looking to progress as a professional, we can support players during their rugby journey in China. 

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Some of our more talented players go onto semi-professional teams. Each year we have players from all over the world join us. 



Women’s rugby in China is developing rapidly. The China National Women’s 7s team qualified for the Tokyo Olympics, and the country is keen to get behind their girls.

As a community, women’s rugby is excellent in Shanghai. We have several club teams in both touch and contact competitions. The touch rugby community is solid in Shanghai and holds the largest tournament in Asia in October every year. 

However, this being said, we have just as many newbies as we do elite women’s players, and there is enough diversity in the competition that everyone will find a level that suits them. It is a brilliant community, and we travel extensively and enter tournaments all across Asia.