Parents ‘must not abdicate duties’ to teachers, says Ofsted

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The UK Office for Standards in Education, Children’s Services and Skills (Ofsted) said this week that parents should not expect schools to police children’s eating and exercise, or toilet train pupils.

England’s chief inspector for schools believes the answer to the obesity crisis lies in the home, and parents should not “abdicate responsibility.”

Two studies have this year queried the benefit of school anti-obesity schemes.

In February, the British Medical Journal reported that a year-long anti-obesity programme involving more than 600 West Midlands primary school pupils yielded no improvements. Then, in July, an Ofsted study of 60 schools found no link between efforts to tackle obesity and pupils’ weight.

The report states “schools cannot take over the role of health professionals – and above all parents.”

What do you think? Should schools be doing more to tackle problems like growing obesity levels or is this something that needs to be dealt with at home?

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