Oxford and Cambridge admitting more international students

For many years now both these old and world beating universities have been a little concerned about the diversity of the students that attend. And there has certainly been a lot of change over the last 30 years or so. They are no longer full of middle-class white men from English private school backgrounds. A lot of rubbish is written about the points of view people have on this but the university motivation has always been the same and is truly one of meritocracy. It is this simple: both these universities are only interested in the brains that attend. The body it is carried in does not matter. And the best way to find the best brains is to assess as many people as possible and only accept the top brains that apply. The Guardian points out that this means that the proportion of international students has grown as the universities seek the best in the world. And rightly so. Diversity should be a consequence of meritocracy. It cannot drive it.

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