One-fifth of Hong Kong parents under too much strain at home, survey finds, leaving little time to ask children about their problems

Stress levels in young people in Hong Kong has been well-reported, and following from this a recent survey in Hong Kong has found that one in five parents feel they are struggling with home life. The main causes of the stress were their children’s emotions (29.1 per cent) and studies (27.7 per cent). 11.9 per cent of all respondents said they spent two hours or more each day with their children on homework in the past three months.

Tik Chi-yuen, chief executive of the non-governmental organisation, said “It is not ideal for the family relationships when parents who are under huge amounts of pressure focus on their children’s studies and neglect communication and exercise.”

So it appears that exams are not just stressing out the students but the parents are also feeling the pressure.

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