Ofsted boss Amanda Spielman warns mentioning exams ups pressure

The exam period is here with us again. In order to help young people cope with and do well in their exams consideration must be given to how to help young people manage and reduce stress.

However, a recent article from the BBC has the Director of Ofsted (the body responsible for overseeing the standards in education in the UK) claiming that just asking students about their exams increases the pressure they are feeling.

Ms Spielman was speaking amid growing concerns that schools’ focus on exam results is harming children’s mental health.

The watchdog says it wants to ensure that good grades are achieved through a “broad, rich curriculum and real learning” rather than “teaching to the test and exam cramming,” and to this end a new assessment framework will be introduced from September.

The new framework will:

  • crack down harder on bad classroom behaviour and bullying
  • introduce separate judgments for pupils’ “behaviour and attitudes” and “personal development”
  • empower schools always to put the child first
  • discourage “off-rolling” where schools remove low-achieving pupils

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