Nearly 80 per cent of Australian children fall short on exercise

Being an Australian I was very surprised by this about the lack of exercise facing Australian children. When I lived and worked in Australia as a teacher (around 20 years ago now) I would not of thought this problem could become so large in Australia. On the whole Australia is a sport loving country with wide open spaces and multiple public sporting grounds for most mainstream sports.

But as shown by this article Australia is facing the same problems as Hong Kong is in getting young people to exercise. To quote from the article “The downward trend in physical movement has been exacerbated by a misperception among parents and educators that allocating time for students to be active at school will affect their academic performance.”

However research quoted in the article claims to show that students with higher levels of physical activity and aerobic fitness perform better on standardised tests and measures of cognitive function.

With growing child obesity being a problem in Hong Kong this article highlights that the problem cannot be simply solved with increased sporting facilities. A dedicated effort by the whole community is needed to get young people to exercise more.

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