Mobile Phones in school

TiC has been following the debate around the globe on whether mobile phones should be allowed in schools, and we have published a range of articles on this topic over the last few months, so we took great interest in this.

Ysgol Uwchradd Caergybi in Holyhead, Anglesey, has relaxed their previous ban on mobile phones at their school. The headteacher said that the ban on mobile phones in school caused “friction” and detracted from pupils’ education.

Headteacher Adam Williams said he had not seen any deterioration in pupil behaviour or wellbeing.

The school found that when the ban was in place, pupils had to keep phones out of sight. “We spent too much time challenging children for using phones during the day and that took time from things which were more important – the child’s education,” said Mr. Williams.

“Also it created a negative atmosphere during the day.” After the consultation, they relaxed the policy and now some teachers bring smartphones into use in the class.

“I think as a school, we’ve got a responsibility to teach our students how to use technology effectively… and prepare our students for the world of work.”

What do you think? Should mobile phones be banned in schools?

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