Lawsuit against Harvard has garnered a lot of press in recent weeks

The lawsuit against Harvard has garnered a lot of press in recent weeks. This contributor would like to weigh in.

Without speculation, we can see the plaintiffs are a group of Asian-Americans who did not gain admission to Harvard, banding together as the Students for Fair Admissions. The obvious bias of these aggrieved cannot be ignored.

It is presumptive for these students to believe that they know best how to evaluate themselves. Believing that test scores are the way to quantitatively justify their rejection from Harvard is symptomatic of their clear lack of introspection. To persevere in the face of adversity, we do not teach our kids to simply complain. We ask them to assess the failure, re-tool, and become more conscientious and more knowledgeable for the next challenge.

These particular students could have no way of knowing why they were rejected. Even members of Harvard admissions committees admit process is uneven and riddled with imperfections. Only self-pity would motivate someone to claim unfair discrimination without even having been in the room where his/her admissions decision was discussed. Perhaps the candidate was not even discussed, because their writing betrayed a flimsiness of character that was obvious to professionals who go through tens of thousands of applications every year.

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