Is streaming for high ability learners good or bad?

Once again the age old debate of the pros and cons of streaming children in schools based on their academic ability has been raised. According to the article, the main problem with streaming is that “Streaming them at a young age, especially for a hard subject such as maths, can have negative effects on slower learners.” Streaming also has many implications for human resources, which is especially true at primary schools.

My personal view is that I am not in favor of streaming at the primary school level. I believe the benefits of young children being in class with a range of talents and the ability to have a ‘normal’ childhood outweighs the advantages of challenging them academically at this young age. I believe parents of talented students should consider extra curricula activities/courses if they seek to challenge their children at school. My experience is that young people extra-talented in some areas may be lagging behind in others. 

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