Inspirational Learning Spaces (THS)

Did you ever imagine, there could one day be a school in Hong Kong with stunning sea views, a treehouse staircase, marine biology center, open plan classrooms, black box theatre and much, much more?  Well, there is and it and it’s called The Harbour School(THS). After a lengthy process of bidding for their new site in Aberdeen ‘The Grove’, the passion and inspirational views of Jadis Blurton, Founder of THS were finally made possible.

Together with, Christine Greenberg, Principal and ninth grader (then) Ignacio Hui, the three embarked on a journey around California in search for inspirational spaces, so their visions could be turned into reality. Click on this link to view the ambitious design. The Harbour School is most definitely one of a kind and no school in Hong Kong comes close to what it offers.

The youtube movie is here:

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