2021 Easter IB Revision Course (Online)

We keep things structured to avoid any stress and keep you focused on revising

We are delighted to be offering the IB revision Course in Shanghai for the 15th year running.

Our course gives you a unique opportunity to study with other students.  Whether you need to focus on squeezing the last possible marks out of your exam answers, or you need support in finding the most achievable marks in each exam question, our classes are streamed by academic profile to ensure you get the revision you need before your IB exams. Being immersed in a calm and focused atmosphere with plenty of other IB students in the same situation will help to bring out the best in you. 

What to expect from the IB Revision Courses

IB examiners

Instruction from highly experienced tutors

Small groups

normally around 5 per group

Excellent reviews

reviews from previous year students

Tips and techniques

Expert exam tips and techniques

Review of all major parts

review the syllabus, concentrating on areas important to you

2 days per subject

14 hours total

Attend up to 4 courses

you study 1 subject for 2 days

Focus on each subject

Intensive, focused, uninterrupted time on each subject

Be more confident

Increased confidence and new perspectives

Free online resources

get access to a lot of online resources

Follow up after course

tutors you can work with after the course has finished or in the lead up

Solve tough topics

have a new perspective on tough topics

IB Course Tutors

They are all professional IBDP tutors, selected both for their experience and skill within the classroom. We have around 500 tutors who regularly teach with us, all with particular skills in helping students review and revise their IB Diploma subjects. Some of you might be lucky enough to work with them in the coming revision courses:



We teach the content students have identified as a problem during the first morning. We then break for lunch and then afterwards have an experienced IB Examiner field questions and give some excellent advice about the examinations and how to gain top band marks. We set a minimum of 2 hours of homework that evening to then use as a basis for class day 2.


After waking up and feeling great about your IB exams prospects, you sit and chat with the teacher about the specific problems you face. You enter the in-class discussions about where you can gain those valuable additional marks by studying the mark-schemes and examiner’s notes. Throughout the day, you will cover each aspect of the 2 year DP course and gain confidence in answering the most difficult topic areas. We close the day with another review from the Examiner, who will give you the final tips before leaving with a folder of past papers and expert study notes.

Course Location - ONLINE


Very helpful with Biology. I feel like I can go from level 4 to level 6. No joke!



Bio, Math and History were extremely helpful regarding exam tips, teaching and extra info.



The small class size allow for lots of questions and one on one. Overall, a great experience.



It was an extremely useful course in terms of revision. The teacher motivated the students to contribute.


SSIS Suzhou

You will be surprised by how much you didn't know, but TiC will fix that in 2 days.


SAS Puxi

Trusted by 1500+ students

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