Humanics: A way to ‘robot-proof’ your career

Woman soldering pieces at table

This article on the BBC should be a wake-up call for young people when thinking about their career choices for the future.

“Estimates about how much of the workforce could be automated vary from about 9% to 47%. The consultancy McKinsey estimates up to 800 million workers globally could be displaced by robotic automation by 2030. Some jobs will change dramatically, while others will disappear altogether.”

Future-proofing your career is less about picking a safe job and more about constantly updating your skills throughout your career, according to Northeastern University president Joseph Aoun. His solution, which he calls humanics, has three basic pillars:


  • Technical ability: understanding how machines function and how to interact with them.
  • Data discipline: navigating the sea of information that’s generated by these machines.
  • And the human discipline: “which is what we humans can do that machines for the foreseeable future, cannot emulate.”

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