Hong Kong’s brightest students post record performance in DSE exams

HK’s exams authority says top-end results are the best since the DSE launched in 2012, while overall candidate numbers have fallen and fewer reached the necessary level to attend local universities.

This news raises an interesting dilemma. While the top students’ grades are excellent and those students deserve congratulations, it is also worrying that fewer students gained the required grade to attend universities — “19,676 day school candidates achieved the minimum score required to enter a university, compared with 21,205 last year.”

Additionally, it is positive that “While the minimum entry requirement for local universities is a level 3 in English and Chinese, and a level 2 in maths, liberal studies and an elective subject, several universities announced last year they would relax the requirement for students who performed exceptionally well in some subjects.”

ITS hopes that all the DSE candidates will find the appropriate educational pathway for their future. If you did not do as well as hoped come in and have a free consultation with ITS on how we can help you achieve your future goals.

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