Hong Kong primary schools: a poverty trap

Three pupils of primary school go hand in hand. Boy and girl with school bags behind the back. Beginning of school lessons. Warm day of fall. Back to school. Little first graders. Free Photo

Despite Hong Kong’s status as a financial hub, an increasing number of the city’s residents live below the poverty line. It is a reality we all know and are familiar with — rents and home prices in Hong Kong are among the highest in the world, and this translates to inequality that is also felt in education. Poor students are made to suffer in a system that has changed over the years to become increasingly harder, but not necessarily smarter. For some well-off families this is not a big issue, but for the underprivileged, particularly those born into low-income families, intergenerational poverty is a reality that has been forced on them by a system that makes upward social mobility more a dream than a reality.

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