Hong Kong education chief forced to clarify controversial comments about teaching Chinese language in Cantonese

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A recent comment, “The future development of Chinese language learning across the globe will rely mainly on Mandarin,” from Hong Kong Education Chief Kevin Yeung, has gotten significant local backlash, touching an open nerve with many in Hong Kong. It is obvious to see that China’s global influence in trade and growing wealth will increase the demand for strong Putonghua skills, and therefore Mandarin Chinese lessons are currently in strong demand in the territory. A focus on better Mandarin doesn’t spell doom and gloom for the Cantonese language, however. All we need to do is look north to our neighbors in the Guangzhou region. Many Guangzhou families speak Cantonese at home but converse solely in Mandarin at work, enjoying the best of both worlds. At ITS we have already introduced a new Chinese language teacher to try to match demand. Please get in touch for expert Mandarin Chinese training.




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