Hong Kong and Macau graduates of Chinese universities find limited job prospects

An article published today by the SCMP looks at the problems that Hong Kong students that attend mainland schools and universities face when seeking a career  after completing their studies.  The findings from a Beijing Institute of Hong Kong and Macau Scholars survey in 2017 highlights a range of difficulties faced by Hong Konger’s who study and complete their qualifications in China.

Problems included

  • The prolonged and burdensome procedure in applying for working permits, since they lacked the right kind of household registration in the mainland.
  • The excessive cost of required health examinations.
  • Hindrance from potential employers, and their reluctance to go through the complex application procedures for employing graduates from Hong Kong and Macau.

To read the full article visit:  https://www.scmp.com/news/hong-kong/education/article/2141242/hong-kong-and-macau-graduates-chinese-universities-find

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