Growth Mindset, a concept popularized by psychologist Carol Dweck, has taken education by storm in the last few years. Mindset theory emphasizes the importance of having a resilient mindset that is not afraid of failure — taking each as an opportunity to do it better.

Unfortunately, as it is with most things once they enter the mainstream, the concept has been reduced to a McDonalds one-size-fits-all that has compromised its intent. Seen as very beneficial, particularly in the way it influences how young learners think, this concept looks to be on its way out at the way in which its implementation has been carried out by educators.

Professor Dweck herself has found that mindset interventions could work for low-achieving students but that this needs to be done carefully. Unfortunately, limited resources don’t always afford this care. As the classroom climate continues to change, it looks as though this theory (despite all its potential) will be out of vogue in the next two years.