Get to the country park for top grades

A very big scientific survey was published in Science Daily last week [summary], quite widely reported, that two hours in the country-side per week significantly improves well-being. All the time in Hong Kong we teachers see, every year, teenage students who have never knowingly gone into one of the country parks or visited the beach. They have spent their entire lives within the city. Hong Kong has one of the world’s densest urban populations; often the view from an apartment window is another apartment block a few metres away. Yet 60% of the land area — 600km sq — is country park and the longest you ever have to travel to get to a part of it is 30 minutes. It’s accessible, it’s safe, it’s free!! 

A simple and quick message to teenagers and parents in Hong Kong – get out into the country parks. It will improve your grades. Science proves it.

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