Further maths A-level paper replaced following leak

The awarding bodies of exams, such as Pearson, do a lot to ensure the integrity of the A-levels. Centres are of course subject to routine inspections which are not announced as a way of ensuring that the standards of the examinations and the correct procedures are followed.

There are at times reports of problems or issues although it seems that this is more to do with procedures not being followed rather than instances or evidence of cheating. As these are world-wide qualifications with a high degree of reliability it is important that all who use the results, including students, employers and colleges or universities feel confident when it comes to accepting the results. It is really an incredible feat if you think about it – these exams are taken by thousands of students, not just in the UK but across the globe, and yet the instances of reports of irregularities and problems are very small. It seems like the vast majority of the centres and schools involved with the exams, and the way the exam boards have organized their methods of checking the procedures are followed, are a great success.

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