Four Trends Influencing Education

Here is a very interesting article by Forbes magazine identifying four main trends influencing education:

  1. Inclusion and equity. Organizations worldwide, are coming to terms with the unfinished business of race, inclusion, diversity and equity. 
  2. Lifelong Learning. About ten years ago, there was a widespread recognition that learning for a period of 16 years and then working for 40 years didn’t work anymore—that learning must be on-going to adapt to the innovation economy.
  3. Quantified Life. Beyond fitness, consumers are seeing more comprehensive information about the weather, their health, their driving, their screen time. For schools, the shift from print to digital learning has produced a dramatic increase in the amount of formative feedback to learners. Schools can help students cope with the quantified life by learning how to monitor their own data and take ownership of their learning profiles.
  4. Mindfulness. Top performers in every field frequently use some kind of mindfulness routine. Schools worldwide are adopting broader goals that frequently incorporate social and emotional learning and that can often incorporate practices of mindfulness.  

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